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Tame your Lizard Brain

If you experience uncontrollable panic, anxiety or stress your Lizard brain may be out of control Before humans fully evolved into what we are today, we had a brain structure similar to other basic animal species on the planet. This older brain helped us fight for survival and was responsible for our primal emotional reactions like fear and anger. It […]

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The Hidden Injury
Hidden Injury

We often talk about our ailments with ease yet the thought of letting people hear about our inner scars is often regarded as taboo and that may prevent us asking for help when we really need it. Psychological treatments have significantly changed over the last few years.  You no longer need fear being carted off by people wearing white coats […]

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OCD:Forget the fads,find out the facts
What is OCD

What is OCD? Studies in brain research suggest that Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is caused by processing errors in some parts of the brain that affect how we think and how we act on those thoughts. Clinically OCD is classified as an ‘anxiety disorder’ and is characterised by repetitive disturbing thoughts (called obsessions) and/or ritual behaviours, that can also be repetitive, […]

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Congruence with Mindfulness Programme
A Mindful Student

Rejuvinate your thinking Patterns Scientific research has shown that mindfulness not only raises self-esteem, self-awareness and self-regulated behaviour it also improves concentration, relationships and academic achievement. Research has also revealed improvements in sport using NLP techniques that have been employed by many of the world’s top athletes. Mindfulness is recommended by NICE [the National Institute for Clinical Excellence], and The […]

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Can self help books work?

As a therapist I’m always keen to install a sense of independence with my clients. My background is in brief solution focused therapy because I believe that most people don’t need to spend 10-years in therapy talking about every minute aspect of their life. I frequently look for opportunities to suggest further reading to clients, and often these are in […]

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Mindfulness Exercise – Body Wisdom

We can easily take our bodies for granted.  They’re just there with us all the time and we don’t often stop and connect with them.  Here’s a little exercise to do just that. Sit or lie comfortably Take a few deep breaths and hold your breath for a couple of seconds at each end of the breathing cycle until you […]

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Welcome to the Loosen The Glue

Hi and welcome to the first Loosen The Glue blog. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get one going but hopefully it will have been worth the wait.  I’m a private therapist in the UK and I also work for the NHS delivering psychotherapeutic interventions to people experiencing all manner of psychological problems.  I see hundreds of […]

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