We can easily take our bodies for granted.  They’re just there with us all the time and we don’t often stop and connect with them.  Here’s a little exercise to do just that.

  1. Sit or lie comfortably
  2. Take a few deep breaths and hold your breath for a couple of seconds at each end of the breathing cycle until you feel yourself letting go, the aim is to get relaxed
  3. Mentally begin to scan your body, starting from your feet up, for places where you feel any kind of ache or pain
  4. If you are able to locate something, relax into the feeling; let your full attention drift to that area and take your time to allow yourself to fully experience the feeling while allowing the rest of your body to become more and more relaxed around you.
  5. If the feeling could have a colour and shape imagine what they would be
  6. Imagine what could have caused the feeling, let your imagination think outside the box.
  7. Try to manipulate the feeling. Try gradually changing its colour and/or shape.
  8. Be patient as you try to do this, take your time and experiment with different ideas. Make a note of any changes you perceive, even if they don’t make sense
  9. Move your attention to another area of your body and look for other feelings of discomfort and repeat the process
  10. When you are ready to stop scanning your body, say a little thank you for allowing you to have the time to connect with it.
  11. Take some time later in the day to reflect on what occurred during that session.
  12. Has your body indicated anything new? Have any thoughts or new things to consider entered your consciousness?

If you have read this and find it useful let me know because I was thinking about turning this into a guided mindfulness CD.  Would it be of help to anyone?