If you experience uncontrollable panic, anxiety or stress your Lizard brain may be out of control

Before humans fully evolved into what we are today, we had a brain structure similar to other basic animal species on the planet. This older brain helped us fight for survival and was responsible for our primal emotional reactions like fear and anger. It kept us safe automatically without ever having to really think about it.
These days we are much more evolved and our brains are a lot bigger. However we still have that old brain buried in our heads, it never really went away, the newer brain just grew on top of it.

Anxiety used to be a big problem in my life

lizardbrain_retouchI became fascinated with psychology when I started to look for help for my own paralysing anxiety and depression. When I felt anxious I got hot, really hot! My face turned red, I felt sick to my stomach, my brain turned to mush and my throat was so dry I stuttered and swallowed my words. The whole experience affected my confidence, and got much worse until even the smallest trigger would set my brain spiralling out of control.

I knew I needed professional help when I started to develop panic attacks. Therapy taught me that my brain was actually just trying to protect me. Our older brain, also known as the Lizard brain, manages our survival emotions, such as fear and anger. When it detects fear, in the form of worry, or detects a threat, such as when someone breaks one of our rules, it leaps into action pumping our body full of a powerful hormone called adrenaline. This reaction is known as the “Fight or Flight” response and it can send your body on a roller coaster ride of physical feelings that feel very real and very very scary!

[two_fifth]I work for the NHS now treating the very same problems I had in my life. 1 in 10 people in the UK experience these same feelings every day and, if you’ve experienced anything like that yourself, then I have some very good news for you…You’re NOT mad![/two_fifth]


Fightiing Brain

It’s trying to protect you


[two_fifth_last]Half-a-million years ago this “Fight or Flight” response protected us from big scary monsters but, in today’s world, the only monsters are from our worries and fears. Sometimes all it takes is understanding this fact to help our brain calm down a little – It’s simply trying to protect us[/two_fifth_last]


Here’s a very simple breathing technique
you can use anywhere:

  1. Breathe in deeply and fully
  2. Hold the in-breath for 3 seconds
  3. Breathe out fully, dropping your shoulders
  4. Hold the out-breath for 3 seconds
  5. Repeat until your body begins to let go of the tension and you feel relaxed



When we are relaxed our body behaves in a specific way. Our breath deepens, muscles relax, heart beat slows and our mind feels calmer.

Breathing this way ON PURPOSE sends a signal to our Lizard brain saying “Hey! I’m doing relaxed now.”
Our primitive brain realises there is no actual threat because we wouldn’t be acting this way if there was. This helps us to relax further.           Try it and see.

The more you learn about how your brain works the stronger you become to overcome your troubles. If you would like more help with anxiety, stress or panic I’ve created hypnotic mindfulness MP3 that you can download for FREE. There’s a box in the right hand column where you can access this. I don’t do spam and your details are 100% secure. This is just to keep my own work secure and free from internet Bots.

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