Thank you Elliot for all your help and for the 2 gold stars!! I have had so many “OMG” moments yesterday in relation to the conversation about my son and how he is picking up on what I do and say.
I feel enlightened as to my new eyes!!! I can see a change in how we will relate to each other which is fantastic. I have had a chat with my husband to share my awakening and awareness and we are going to work together to ensure we have more positive conversations about work and how we got our point across in a strong and confident way. Hopefully my son will pick up on this too.
Thank you again for all your help. I may pop you an email every now and again just to let you know how things are going!!

I felt your sessions were notably creative in terms of techniques and useful suggestions, but most importantly totally non-judgmental which made it so easy to open up. It suffices to say that you succeeded in helping me give up smoking in such a ridiculously short time, and this was even before the hypnotic treatment…You’ve got my sincere thanks and I’ll recommend you to friends, Elliot. Thank you.

Dear Elliot, I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU! for all your support, care, courage, time, effort, will power and resources you have given to me over the last few months. It is greatly appreciated more than words can say.From what I started to where I am, I have made great progress and will continue to do so I hope.I realise there is no short-term fix and that patience, motivation, faith and beleif in oneself is very important. Change is something we all need to do from time to time to benefit more from oneself.I pray I can overcome issues each time they rise and not fear of what will happen next. I hope to keep you posted with my progress. I wish you every happiness and all the best for the future. From Tiffany & family x

I’ve already lost over a kilo in one week after just one hypnosis session with you! I’m not sure if it was the hypnosis or just that you’re the first person to actually motivate me to make this change. Either way, I thank you and I’m very positive for our future sessions.

I liked that there was always something new every time, which is so much different than any other therapist’s treatments. There was a planned schedule and program to be completed which made these sessions very efficient and organised.

I feel great!! And it’s all down to this anger management course – I’m so grateful! Thank you!