Hi and welcome to the first Loosen The Glue blog.

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get one going but hopefully it will have been worth the wait.  I’m a private therapist in the UK and I also work for the NHS delivering psychotherapeutic interventions to people experiencing all manner of psychological problems.  I see hundreds of clients each year and I often feel frustrated as a therapist that there is so little concise help out there for people to get their teeth into.

So I’d like to start the ball rolling by adding a few articles on the subject of good mental health.  I’d like to focus the basic concepts that I think would really help people.  Obviously you, the reader, are the real people so please please comment and make suggestions, ask questions and share your knowledge and hopefully we can build a useful resource to anyone who happens to land here.

I’m working on my own at the moment to put this site together so tweet me, facebook me, poke me, or whatever else you online people do these days to let people know you’re here.

Many thanks and welcome,